HiDiamond Cables for Sale-Speaker-*REDUCED PRICE*-Interconnect & Power are sold

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HiDiamond Cables for Sale. These cables are made from the ground up, including the wire, by HiDiamond.

These are their latest with all new tech.

I am selling the following HiDiamond Cables. I am the original owner and they are in great condition "LIKE NEW" and come with the velvet bags they are shipped in. I am moving up the line.

1)Two pairs of D7 Speaker Cables at 2MT-Retail $1,500.00 per pair-Asking $1,250.00 per pair.*NEW ASKING $1,150.00* per pair plus shipping and PayPal fee.

2)One pair of D2 XLR Interconnect Cables at 1MT-Retail $1,000.00-Asking $850.00. *NEW ASKING $750.00* plus shipping and PayPal fee.*Sold at Asking*

3)Two D3 Power Cables at 1.5MT-$550.00 per cable. *SOLD BOTH AT ASKING*

Check out the review.

HiDiamond is an Italian high end cable manufacturer started by Filippelli Salvatore in 2000. It is one of only a handful of cable companies which uses alloy as conductor material, rather than just copper, silver, or gold conductors, or plated combinations of such sourced from OEM manufacturers. Other manufacturers which employ alloys include Siltech, Purist and Stealth. According to Filippelli, the conductor materials employed in HiDiamond cables are custom made by HiDiamond to their exact specification in Italy. Depending on the model, they may consist of a combination of copper, graphite, and in some models, gold and silver. Detailed technical information as well as the construction process of the cables can be found on HiDiamond’s website.
"The HiDiamond cables instilled onto my system some very admirable sonic characteristics which would otherwise be less prominent. The ambiance, the clarity, the realism, and the frequency extension are qualities which I would rather have than be without."

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Re: HiDiamond Cables for Sale-Speaker-Interconnect-Power Cables
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For those that do not know... The HiDiamond P3 power cord is marvelous! They are very open and revealing with an impressively natural musical presentation and flow. Well worth it at their retail price. Theres a couple threads going on Agon if you're curious.
Not affiliated with the seller or the company, just a HD PC owner. Cant comment on the IC's or SC's.



Thanks jriggy. I can say the IC are the same as you described but the SC is even more so. The again the SC is near the top of the line.

Guys, these are really that good. No harshness, not bright but still open.

Also *NEW REDUCED ASKING PRICE* and the both PC sold at the original asking prices.