Good Super Cheap Home Theater Leather Power Recliner : $400 @ HH Gregg

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So getting back aches from the ikea futon for the home theater basement.  Looks good & can fit three, but very uncomfortable despite getting the best mattress they have.  Decent seating is probably the most overlooked must have "accessory" for any decent audio / video system enjoyment!

Have therefore been on the prowl for cheap home theater recliners and saw an ad around superbowl time from what seemed like a very good deal on leather home theater power recliners.  At that time the offer was 33% off, so only $400.  This President's Day weekend it's 25% off at $449, but if you ask like I did, you can still get it at $400.  Which honestly is a very good deal for a leather (albeit bonded) power recliner.  These seem to be made by Ashley for HH Gregg.  You can tell they've cut some corners on the frame construction, but otherwise they are quite decent, are reasonably comfortable, and have nice extras such as the dual cupholders, a smooth motor (some I've tried are jerky), and decent looks.  And for me very important - the back rest is easily removable so you can actually get the damn thing in your house / room if you have narrow entryways!

I've seen other power recliners @ $500 - $600 (Ashley / Bob's / etc) and above, but nothing this cheap.

So if you have an HH Gregg around you, it's worth checking out!


Back on sale through the end of today, 3 August.  But honestly - as mentioned below - if you can't get to it immediately, just ask for the $399 price anyway.  Don't forget to ask for your delivery rebate as well at check out. 

A mini-review as well : so far after almost 6 months, all good.  I would have liked firmer + more dense padding material, but I am much in the minority with guests.  Everyone else likes its plush the way it is.

Anyway - $400 delivered for a leather power recliner is hard to beat (even if it is cheaper bonded leather).  Have you priced out Sanus etc alternatives lately?  Ouch.

Ignore the price........