Oppo 103 Mods available now

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Oppo 103 Mods available now
« on: 14 Nov 2012, 01:19 am »
Two mods are available for the Oppo 103 player:

1.  Digital out/HDMI out mod:  This mod makes everything in the player better including the analog out.  However, nothing is done to the analog output stage.  We modify the switching supply, modify the transport, add a low jitter clock running off our discrete shunt regulator to the main processor, remove the toslink connector and and the $400 Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX.  The picture is much better, and the sound via HDMI or coax is improved mucho.  Cost is $650.

2.  Analog output stage mod:  This makes the analog two channel out much better.  We remove the entire output stage and replace it with our super high speed linear amp that uses modified Wima caps on the output.  We add a muting/option switch on the back so you can use the machine with no possible DC surges.  This mod is $150. 

The Oppo 105 is being released today and we will have mods ready on it in about one month.  Pricing will be similar to our Oppo 95 mods.
The 103 mod has its own page on our website including a pic of the digital/HDMI out mod.

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