VMPS Owners Audition List

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John Casler

VMPS Owners Audition List
« on: 30 May 2004, 04:11 pm »
It was suggested that it would be nice to have a "sticky" with VMPS owners who would like to share their systems with potential owners.

This sticky is for that purpose.  Any Owner who is interested in doing so (I have met a lot of great people this way) can post their information below.

I know many of my clients have numerous times welcomed others into their homes for which I am grateful.

Please list your:

Speaker Models and finish
System and type (2 channel audio/HT)

I would suggest not listing phone numbers or street addresses and exchanging this info via private e-mail or PM.

And let me, Brian and all the other dealers thank you, in advance, for sharing.

You can post your information as a "reply" to this sticky


VMPS Owners Audition List
« Reply #1 on: 30 May 2004, 07:43 pm »
My name is Kevin, and I have RM40s w/ TRT cap upgrade and Cherry Flambe' finish.  My 2-channel system is integrated in a Home Theater, but only my mains are VMPS.  I live in Tampa, and I'm almost always available.


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VMPS Owners Audition List
« Reply #2 on: 31 May 2004, 12:07 am »
I live in Asheville, NC.

My equipment:

RM 40's, Piano Black, no upgrades
Wadia 850 CD Transport
Audio Research D300 Amp
Polycrystal UHD Amp Stands

Come here em!


VMPS Owners Audition List
« Reply #3 on: 31 May 2004, 07:45 am »
Live in Southern California ( Simi Valley )

System includes:

Mains: MLS RM40s ( TRT/FST/Analysis Plus/Rosewood )
Surrounds: MLS 626Rs ( Megawoofer/auricaps/FST/Soundcoat/Rosewood )
Subwoofer: VMPS Larger ( Mwgawoofer/Soundcoat/Piano black )

AUDIOQUEST interconnects
AUDIOQUEST Speaker Cables
SKYLAN Stands for 626Rs



« Reply #4 on: 31 May 2004, 01:33 pm »
Live in Southern California

Mains RM-40s with TRT caps & FST
Pre Bryston BP25
power Bryston 4B-SST
JPS Labs Superconductor Cables
Onkyo SP-800 CD, SACD & DVD-A player

Tim S

VMPS Owners Audition List
« Reply #5 on: 1 Jun 2004, 01:09 pm »
I live in Tallahassee, FL and will happily allow others to audition if they are interested.

I have VMPS RM 1's in a pure 2 channel setup. They have the older spiral tweeters and the only upgrade after the factory is the Elmer's glue tweak.

Associated equipment:
Cambridge Audio 640C CD Player
Bolder Cable modified Smart DI\O
Sonic Frontiers Line 1 Preamp
Anthem MCA 5 S2 amp, used to biamp the speakers

Cables are a mix of Bolder, BetterCables Tara Labs and Kimber.



VMPS Owners Audition List
« Reply #6 on: 1 Jun 2004, 05:52 pm »
Just outside of New York City in New Jersey:

2 x RM40's, 1 LRC; all FST/TRT/soundcoated/piano black

Meridian 598 transport
Meridian G68 preamp/processor
Llano Trinity dual mono tube/ss hybrid amp
Llano Trinity 3 channel tube/ss hybrid  amp
Thorens TT w/Grado 8MR cart., Creek passive and phono preamp direct into amps

very decent cables


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VMPS Owners Audition List
« Reply #7 on: 2 Jun 2004, 02:11 am »
I live north of Albany, NY. Although my system isn't running
quite a good as I think it should (especially due to the CD
player), I am quite happy with the sound.

Corbin Johnson

VMPS Owners Audition List
« Reply #8 on: 3 Jun 2004, 10:18 pm »
I live in the Orlando, Florida area.  I have for audition:

fronts - RM40's w/ FST; + Auricaps
center - 626 w/FST
sub - larger

For two channel the power and sources are:

Cinenova 3 Grande for fronts and sub
Carver for center and surround
EE mini max tube preamp
EE mini max tube CDP
cables - Audioquest

For Home Theater:

Marantz receiver as processor
Pioneer 563 multi-format player
Paradigm rear surrounds.


VMPS Owners Audition List
« Reply #9 on: 4 Jun 2004, 02:09 am »
I now live in Arlington VA.  At least until December
My VMPS units are
626r w/auricaps
New Original Sub
Run through H/K 520
Samsung 931


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VMPS Owners Audition List
« Reply #10 on: 9 Jun 2004, 01:06 pm »
I live in CT, near Fairfield county.

I have the VMPS RM40s and an RM30C in a stereo/home theater setup.  My rear speakers are Linn 5140s.
Other gear:

SV sub (for movies only).
Jeff Rowland analog amp for RM40s.
Lexicon (made by Bryston) 5-channel amp to biamp te RM30C and run the Linn 5140s.
Monster power conditioner.
Pioneer Elite DVD as source.
Proceed AVP I as preamp.
various cables/interconnects.


VMPS Owners Audition List
« Reply #11 on: 13 Jun 2004, 07:10 am »
San Francisco (Diamond Heights area)

VMPS RMx w/ TRT's and silver woofer wiring, passively biamped

2 channel set-up
PS Audio Power Plant P600
Sierra Denali on mid/treble
Krell KSA 300S on woofers
Levinson No. 32 Reference preamp
Levinson No. 37 CD transport
dCs Elgar Plus and Purcel D/A
Interconnects: Pure Note Cerulean, Tara Labs The One
Speaker cables: Pure Note Cerulean, Tara Labs The One



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VMPS Owners Audition List
« Reply #12 on: 18 Jun 2004, 12:49 pm »
I'm about 45 miles north of Baltimore:

VMPS Super Tower III in Piano Black (2000 model year) Bi-amped with A Cinepro 3K6 Gold (2,000+ watts a side) in a combo stereo/HT setup.

VMPS Super Tower w/woofer upgrade in pure stereo setup.

VMPS Super Tower SE currently not hooked up but can be easily, waiting for room to be finished.

email the_avb at yahoo.com if you want to come up and have a listen.


VMPS Owners Audition List
« Reply #13 on: 15 Jul 2004, 08:35 pm »
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Room: 14' X 23' loaded with traps from ASC, Ready Acoustics, and RealTraps. Custom quadratic diffusers.

Isolation transformer:  BPT, PB-3.5
Source:  Marantz, SA7-S1 SACD Player
Pre amp: Promitheus Audio, passive (transformer type).
Amplifiers: Ampzilla 2000 mono bloc's.
Speakers: VMPS, RM-40 Supermax.  Cabinets modified by Rocco.  African Ebony finish.
Interconnects: Audio Quest, Cheetah (silver)
Speaker wires:  Audio Quest, Mont Blanc + Pikes Peak (double bi-wire).
Vibration isolation:  Herbie's Audio Lab, under all components, including OXO's.


Sony, SCD-1 SACD player
Bryston, BP-25 pre amp (retired since getting the Promitheus).
VMPS, 626-R speakers, with Mega-woofers, spiral tweeter.  Light oak finish.
VMPS, LRC center speaker, with mega woofers, spiral tweeter. Light oak finish
VMPS, QSO center speaker.  Piano black finish.
VMPS, di-pole rear speakers.  Piano black finish.
VMPS, large sub-woofer.  Light Oak finish.

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Orange County, NY
« Reply #14 on: 30 Aug 2004, 04:07 pm »


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Wilmington North Carolina
« Reply #15 on: 31 Dec 2004, 01:14 pm »
If you're anywhere near Wilmington N.C feel free to contact me for a listen.

A pair of RM40's and one LRC with all the upgrades. Cabinets, silver wire, TRTs and tweeters. Delivered December of 04.

Sunfire Theater Grand III processor, Cinima Grand Signature amp (400x5), Integra DPS 10.5 universal disc player, DHlabs Q10 cables and Matrix interconnects.

I shake the foundation of my house with one Sunfire Signature EQ true subwoofer and one (non EQ) Sunfire Signature true subwoofer.

All components powered through a Panamax AC conditioner.

Can easily power 40s without center, surrounds or subs for pure RM40 audition.

There are certainly better systems out there than mine. But I can say with confidence that I personally have never heard anything like this since I've recieved my 40s. I'm not an audiophile, I just know what sounds good. And brother... this sounds good.


VMPS Owners Audition List
« Reply #16 on: 17 Jan 2005, 08:46 pm »
RM40's w/ FST and Auricaps, vitrified PR's and (soon) the new midbass woofer.  I'm in Denver, CO.


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VMPS Owners Audition List
« Reply #17 on: 28 Jan 2005, 05:48 pm »
In Vienna 5 minutes outside the Capitol Beltway.


Give me a call anytime anyone wants to come for a listen.



VMPS Owners Audition List
« Reply #18 on: 23 Feb 2005, 08:36 pm »
626r's - soundcoat, FST, auricaps & 215 sub. Live in Los Angeles.


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Two Channel SET-UP
« Reply #19 on: 3 Mar 2005, 12:01 am »
MLS 626Rs BCSE African Ebony (loaded-sans silver wire and Hi-Buck Caps)
and ONE Larger Sub w/mega woofs operated in 2/Channel mode, full frequency (Big B...  you were right they sound great, maybe one day I'll wire up those XOs).  In a 12'x18' area.

Powered with... a very old (1976) Dead Quiet
Pioneer SX1250 Receiver @ 165 per  operating via A/B speaker config.
Denon DVM 2815 player
Ultimate Outlet
DIY 24"x12" I-Beam Speaker Stands @ 135lbs. per (a work in progress)
AudioQuest ICs and leads.
My neighbors love me!

Bring over some good German Beer and have a listen in S/W Houston.