Product Information & Pricing: Forever Evolving

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Product Information & Pricing: Forever Evolving
« on: 13 Jan 2012, 04:47 pm »
Seeing how things in this economy and my website are in a constant state of flux, it was suggested to me to have a regularly updated, single post that has current pricing, information and delivery dates so people don't have to dig through the posts here for this information.

Duh!  Too easy for me.  It took a good friend from here to slap me up side the head and get it done.  Thanks...

Tune in regularly to see what's up  ^




We sell direct and that is one of the reasons that our prices are so good. We do everything possible to keep costs down and values up.  Ergo: more info here and less on a website.

ALL PI audio group products come with a fully transfereable lifetime warrant against defects in materials and workmanship.  In addition, all products are sold with a 100% money back, satisfaction guarantee that begins the day the customer receives the product and terminates 30 days thereafter.  No questions asked and we will pay for shipping of the product back to us.

Multi-order discount:  Order an UberBUSS ($1095.00) and a Mongo ($599.00) and you will receive a 15% discount on the entire order.****************************************************************************   

The BUSS-Line is a series of power conditioners designed to address two problem areas in audio system power: output impedance and noise.  BE ADVISED! These units are NOT surge protectors.  Here are the products presently available:


UberBUSS - $1095.00     120-125VAC Power Conditioner
     3 Cryo Pass & Seymour 5362A Receptacles w/ choice of Furutech Gold plated
     IEC C14, Bulgin nickel plated C20 inlet or Neutrik 20A Powercon
     Highest level of EMI/RFI noise reduction with a large passive PFC network
     The UberBUSS is nominally 10.5" x 5.375" x 7.125".  It is available in your choice of three different configurations at no     
     additional charge:

     Inline:  input an outputs on opposing 5.375" x 7.125 ends
     TopLoad:   Inlet on one end with receptacles at 90 degrees on one 10.5" x 5.375" side - great for behind a rack
     Side Mount:  receptacles and inlet on the same 10.5" x 5.375" side

RevB MajikBUSS - $849.00     120-125VAC Power Conditioner
     2 Pass & Seymour 5362A Receptacles w/ choice of IEC C14 or C20 inlet
     UberBUSS PFC network with lower mass EMI/RFI Brick
MiniBUSS - $299.00     120-125VAC Filtered extension
     3 Pass & Seymour 5362A Receptacles w/ choice of FURUTECH IEC C14 or C20 inlet
     Parallel HF filtering w/ no MOVs to degrade the sound
     Loaded with RFI absorbing material and lined with ERS cloth
     Additional P&S 5362A receptacles with filter modules are $30.00 each
BUSS-Stop - $499.00  120-125VAC Filtered extension
     3 Pass & Seymour 5362A Receptacles w/ choice of FURUTECH IEC C14 or Bulgin C20 inlet
     Parallel HF filtering with three stage surge protection
     Lined with ERS cloth
     Additional P&S receptacles with filter modules are $25.00 each

The BUSS-Line is available with Furutech receptacles (FPX-G @ $95.00 ea) and power inlets at current Furutech pricing.  The Furutech FI-33-(G) 20A inlet is $103.00, currently.   Allowance will be made for the standard inlets and outlets on upgraded I/O.  By far the largest percentage of BUSSes sold are custom variations of the UberBUSS.  From massively filtered single outlet versions to 8 receptacle MuthaBUSSes - plain black boxes to exotic woods -  I have built and can build any type of unit for individual needs.  Prices quoted on request.
International voltage variants are available: Inquire for pricing and availability.

BatteryBUSS - $499.00     12-24VDC Battery Power Filter/Distribution
     1 PowerCon inlet
     1 BatteryPower high current Neutrik female XLR outlet
     2 Combination BatteryPower/5VRDC @ 2.5A auxilliary Rean Tiny XLR outlets
     1 High Current BatteryPower output cable (w/termination of choice)
     1 5VDC 1.5 meter auxillary power cable (w/termination of choice)
     1 BatteryPower 1.5 meter auxillary power cable (w/termination of choice)
     1 10ga Input cable w/ PowerCon connector and 1/4" ring connectors
     1 Accessory bag with additional battery connectors and heatshrink

Battery and charger are not included with the BatteryBUSS.  I recommend Power Sonic AGM batteries although other AGM batteries will work.  Due to the problem potential of lithium battery variants I do not recommend them at this time.  This is not to say that there are not great, safe Li batteries out there.  Problem is that some people don't do due diligence and can have problems.

The only chargers that I recommend are the Ctek 7002 and 3300 chargers.  The 7002 is silent (talking generated noise) in operation and the 3300 is nearly so.  Highly recommended.


MPC/Power Cable Pricing Effective 10/21/2014
Wattgate cryogenically treated connectors with highly polished mating surfaces are used on all power cables as standard equipment.

MPC/Mini+: 14 ga cryogenically treated copper – 1.5 meter                            $399.00
               Specifically made for the 2010/2011 Mac Mini, but useful for
               other equipment that uses and IEC C7 power plug - great
               for video player and satellite receivers! Connectors are Furutech
               FI-11M(G) and a modified Furutech FI-8N(G) so the Ethernet
               connector will work on the Mini.  Wound on an organic core.

MPC/mini++ :  same as above, but with a counter wound cable geometry.       $499.00
               for incredibly low inductance.  PRAT and soundstage must be
               experienced to be believed. Look for an up coming review on
               POSITIVE FEEDBACK....

MPC/MONGO II:  10ga ultra high purity copper in multilayer construction
                      on an organic core with Furutech gold plated connectors
                      This is the perfect cable for the UberBUSS                            $599.00
Custom application cables, configurations and lengths are quoted upon request.

All PI audio group power cables are hand terminated from the finest materials available for each specific application.  Core material and cable geometry has been refined to produce incredibly dynamic and revealing cables with unmatched flexibility for ease of routing.  No more “wag the equipment” games are necessary to extract ultimate performance for each piece of equipment in the system.


USB Cable - Split Power USB Cable:   Data and power are sent from the computer on two separate
                  lines.  Data cables are cryogenically treated 20ga HCOFC with purity approacing 7-9s.
                  Two Type 'A' USB for connectors unless specified for use with a BatteryBUSS.  That power
                  connector is a Tiny XLR wired for 5VDC for use with the BatteryBUSS.  These mate to a
                  Type'B' USB for connection to the DAC unless other connectors are specified.  Length is
                  1m minimum to reduce termination reflections in the cable.  1.5M is optimum for this
                  1m   $325.00  add $25.00 for each additional .5m

Electrical Receptacles

These receptacles have been full immersion cryo treated

Pass & Seymour 5362 Specification Grade 20A receptacles - Ivory       $10.00 ea

Pass & Seymour 8200 Isolated Ground - Ivory        $15.00 ea

Pass & Seymour 5362A Extra Heavy Duty 20R receptacles (.036" triple wipe)   Black  $30.00 ea

Other receptacles and connectors are available upon request



This is a combination isolation platform and EMI/RFI absorber/barrier made specifically for Mac Mini computers.  The Mac Mini has consistently shown itself to be the best source for computer source digital audio, no matter how hard all of us try to get a PC to sound as good.  Believe me, I have been trying for over a year to get a Windows (pick your iteration) to get "there", but the Mac consistently kicks butt in the DA source arena.  The 2011 Mini with Snow Leopard is the best sounding version that we ( you know - "We") have been able to find.

The Sandwich is 9.75" x 7.75" in planform.  It has a base and top.  These are both filled with a proprietary blend of mass-loading and EMI/RFI absorbing materials to keep the digital nasties from saturating every other piece of gear that you have.  The semi-conducting materials turn the EMI and RFI into heat and offer a solid, wider and more lucid soundstage.

Available in textured black only:                                                                 $199.00



I offer full immersion cryo treatment on an individually quoted basis.  My cryo oven is small , so no engine blocks, please.   :D


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