JackD201 - PureSound, Philippines Room A, a Two-channel Audio System by JackD201

Room Size
Ground up build. Dimensions are 7m (W)x 11m (L)x 3m (H)
System Overview
This is our showcase system at present and while offers have been made to purchase many of the components in it, I could never bear to part with any of them opting to sell customers indent units instead. My wife doesn't know this so....shhhhhhh. Call it a perk of being an audio distributor. We get to have "permanent" demo equipment.
Music Preferences
In order of preference. Classical most notably works from the Romantic period, Jazz, Electronica, Standards, World Music, Progresive Rock, Classic Rock
Room Description
Situated below ground. Custom low velocity vents and ducts for airconditioning. Very quiet with a noisefloor of 30dB with air conditioning running. RT60 of .3 at 20kHz gently rising to .6 at 20Hz
Acoustic Treatment
Fully Customized. Almute Ceiling Wave Cloud and Corner Prism Bass Traps. Various tuned resonators. Ceiling Absorber Diffusors, Ceiling Bass Traps. Rear Schroeder Diffusor.
Listening Impressions
This is a system that does not need to be played loud but can play insanely loud if I'm feeling particularly stupid. Easily gets to dance club levels without distortion. Under normal use, everything adds up to a presentation that is effortless in that the system is devoid of any strain owing to all the headroom available along with the very low noise floor. From tonally neutral to lush depending on recording, tubes used, cartridges used and loudspeaker settings selected.
Media Storage
Adjacent room. 3k CD Capacity, 3000 LP capacity
Other Comments
Seats 15 people comfortably, but the sweet spot is mine. :)
Digital Source
EERA Tentation CD, iMac and Emmlabs CDSD + DCC2 factory upgraded to SE SACD and Files
Analog Source
TW Acustic Raven AC-3 w/ two Phantom B-44s 1 TW into Valvet Soulphono
Other Sources
Townshend Rock 7 w/ Excalibur 3 Arm ZYX Airy 3 S Cart into Lamm LP2
Lamm L2 Reference or Valvet Soulshine
Power Amp
Currently Lamm M1.2 Monoblocks Mids and Highs, M2.2 Bass
Von Schweikert Audio VR-9 SE MK.2 custom BMW Sepang Bronze finish
2 15" 1,000w subs built into the VR-9s
Speaker Cable
VSA Master Built Signature
VSA Master Built Signature, Graham IC-70 Phonos
Power Cables
VSA Master Built PCs
Technics 1200, Sennheiser HD650, Stax 404 Signature
Critical Mass Systems PXK, QXK, Grand Master Amp stands
Power Cond
Shunyata V-Ray, Shunyata Hydra 2 with Python 20As
Tuning and Tweaks
Single Malt Scotch hahahaha
Other Components
Cartridges on their own Graham armwands are: Clearaudio Titanium, Koetsu Jade Platinum, Zyx Airy 3 S, Graham Nightingale, Dynavector XV-1s, Dynavector XV-1t, MY Sonic Lab Ultra Eminent BC Step up for Koetsu Jade also by Koetsu Phono preamplifier is a Lamm LP2 Deluxe Lamm Hybrid 6922/6dj8s upgraded with Mullard CV2492s or TFK CCa Redtips