Living Room HiFi, a Two-channel Audio System by PSB Guy

September 2014
Room Size
10' by 19'
System Overview
A simple, high quality system that is an elegant answer to my lack of space. All sources are digital, I don't have the patience to do analog properly. Music Player Daemon on the Salk Streamplayer does digital properly.
Music Preferences
Jazz, classic rock, blues, old punk, old country, folk, reggae, classical, lots of stuff...
Room Description
Small, carpeted living room. About 10' by 19' including the front foyer, 10' by 14' for the actual living room space.
Acoustic Treatment
5 "C"s: Couches, chairs, carpet, curtains, cats.
Listening Impressions
Sounds great to me.
Media Storage
I love the convenience of a music server, but I also love having physical media around. 1200+ CDs are stored in the upstairs office. They are ripped (using dBpoweramp) to FLAC format to the Salk Streamplayer and backed up to two 1TB hard drives. Some Hi-Res FLAC downloads in there for good measure.
Other Comments
I like that the majority of my system, namely the amp, DAC, main digital source, speakers, headphones, power conditioning, racking and all signal cabling, is North American made.
Digital Source
Audio by Van Alstine Vision EC DAC fed by a Salksound Generation II, Rev. 1 Streamplayer (with S/PDIF outputs). MPD is controlled by RompR on a Samsung S7 smartphone. Info:
Analog Source
Sometimes my wife plays the piano...
Other Sources
Cisco Explorer 9865HD PVR and Google Chromecast Ultra, so this really is a two-channel HT system if you wanted to get technical about it. S/PDIF audio from the Salk Streamplayer, TV and PVR is routed through the AVA Vision EC DAC.
Power Amp
Audio by Van Alstine Synergy Control Amplifier
Salk SongBird QWT (red oak veneer, open grain, dyed black)
Speaker Cable
Blue Jeans 5T00P with ultrasonically welded locking bananas.
Blue Jeans LC-1, 1694A Coax S/PDIF, TOSlink, HDMI, Cat 6a
Power Cables
Grado SR225i, plugged directly into the AVA amp. Rarely used, I prefer speaker listening.
Canadian-made solid wood TV cabinet
Power Cond
SurgeX SA-966
Tuning and Tweaks
Other Components
Samsung PN43D450 43" Plasma TV, Cisco Explorer 9865HD PVR. Blue Jeans HDMI, 1694A Coax, Cat 6a cabling for the TV, PVR and Salkstream Player. D-Link DHP-701AV powerline networking for Salk Streamplayer. Samsung S7 smartphone for remote control of Salk Streamplayer, Chromecast Ultra and PVR.