Bypass Capacitors?

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Bypass Capacitors?
« on: 7 Dec 2017, 02:55 pm »
Bypass capacitors?  What are they, and why use them?  Is there a sonic or electrical benefit, or both, to using bypass capacitors?  And if it's good to use them, is there a formula for determining the correct value of a bypass?  Also, should the voltage of the bypass capacitor be greater/higher than the capacitor it is bypassing?  Any other qualifiers for bypassing?

I know this is a broad range of questions.  But, I read these same questions, almost everyday on various audio forums, and I truly don't know the answers.  For my own benefit, I would love an explanation, if possible?  Any insights, from anyone who would care to contribute, would be greatly appreciated.  Especially if you've used bypass capacitors, and would like to elaborate on their benefit (sound improvement)?

Thanks!   :D


I'd like to share any responses in this thread with the Audio Karma Forum, if OK?  This same discussion is happening there too.  Maybe I'll link this thread, when it get's interesting?

Thanks again.
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