GR Research Owner's Audition List

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Re: GR Research Owner's Audition List
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No love from his own hometown! He's the best thing to come out of Tulsa since Leon Russell and J.J.Cale. Tom Petty, on his drive from Florida to L.A. to get a record deal in the mid-70's, stopped in to see Dwight in Tulsa and get his advice concerning the record business. Twilley had been signed to Shelter Records the year before by Denny Cordell, and the 1st Twight Twilley Band album (entitled I'm on Fire, also the hit single on the album) came out in '76. It's killer! That's Petty playing bass in the early DTB videos.

Ah, I see the problem. My wife is the Tulsa native. I'm a recent (2008) transplant from the Smokey Mountains in East Tennessee.


I just looked him up, nope, don't recognize him.  In the mid 70's I was listening to Steppenwolf, Edgar Winter, Johnny Winter, Uriah Heap, The Who, Chicago, Three Dog Night, Elton John, etc.  Never heerd of no De-wite Twilly back in them thar hills :)



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Re: GR Research Owner's Audition List
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Twilley's two big influences are Elvis and The Beatles. Debuting in the mid-70's, he was really swimming against the tide. His last hit was "Girls, Girls, Girls" in the mid-'80's. Back to Tulsa and the local bars!

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Re: My Serenity Super-7s are in Phoenix...
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...and available to audition.

Pulled about 6" farther away from the front wall.

Wow, your speakers look stunning, and I bet those amps are to die for!