New Arrivals

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Re: New Arrivals
« Reply #20 on: 10 May 2017, 02:35 am »
For a newbie to Salk and HiFi, how do the 3-A compare to the Supercharged Song Tower? Different versions of something similar?
Will these overpower a 1000sq ft condo?



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Re: New Arrivals
« Reply #21 on: 12 May 2017, 07:02 pm »
Greg -

One difference between these two models is the bass output.  Naturally a 7.5" dedicated woofer will move more air than a pair of 5" midwoofers.  Depending on how loud you play the speakers, this may be an issue in a condo.  Both are strong designs, so I'm sure you would be happy with either of them.  And while there are a few other differences, I think the most important for you might be the amount of bass the speakers output.

If you have additional questions, perhaps you can email me at Jim @ (without the extra spaces).  I'd be happy to answer.

- Jim