IDA-6 and STA-6 are seriously good but so cheap you might have ignored them

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We don't have much feedback from people about IDA-6 and STA-6 yet.  I know, most audiophiles probably ignore them since they are too cheap.
The STA-6 at $399 is perfect for home audio projects or installation use.
IDA-6 lacks USB input but you can add the Encore mDSD.


Just ordered an STA-6 to add a little more omph to my minimalist all digital system. I have a NAD D 7050 (power DAC). I'll bu using the NAD just as a DAC/pre driving the STA-6.

I'll report back after I have the time to break in and have some good listening sessions...


Yeah, seriously good sounds very much appropriate... :-)

This little guy is quite something. Complete control over my speakers. Very transparent and neutral. Really disappears sonically and visually. I've been playing with my digital front end and can tell easily the differences between DAC/Pre.

I'm considering getting a second one for dual mono amplification. Hopping to improve channel separation and imaging.

I'm amazed by the sound this minimalist system can reproduce:
(and I've been around the block many times in the past 20 years...)


Hi, JM.

What is the small box (with a dial on top?) that is in front of your Mac Mini in the first photo?


That's a USB DAC/pre/headphone amp, the Fulla 2. I primarily use it in my home office with HD600 headphones, but it is extremely capable of producing high end sound in a good speaker system. A minimalist setup for sure... I'm amazed to see how far (digital) audio has come in the past years.