DAC10 - excellent with one minor quibble..

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DAC10 - excellent with one minor quibble..
« on: 6 Aug 2017, 06:34 pm »
This DAC 10 is interesting to listen with.

This is a minor quibble I am having.  The front lights only show the type of connection and sample rate.... such as... 44.1.

Is there a setting to keep the volume level illuminated at all times?

The volume level is not visible until you activate the volume control to change it.  That is causing me some jumping a round because I have no idea where the volume was set last time I listened. Streaming is one level and different from listening with my media player. Add to that, one video can be set at a different volume from the last one listened and I have no idea what my starting volume is. 

If the volume level could be made visible at all times I would be able to know what to anticipate when beginning a new audio session.
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Re: DAC10 - excellent with one minor quibble..
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Now that the DAC10 is burning in a few days.....   That minor quibble I had became even more so a minor quibble. 

For the excellent quality sound it is now motivating me to be willing to adapt to new ways to deal with the need for volume changes before switching to another source.  But, I still wish the volume level could be seen at all times.  After all,  its a preamp, not just a DAC.  Maybe the next version can have this feature?   ...


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Re: DAC10 - excellent with one minor quibble..
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Good idea! DAC only mode should display sampling rate, pre-amp mode volume level.