Salk Silk Towers and Bryston B 135 Integrated Amplifier-- Any Experience of Thou

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Joe Frances

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Being guided by Jim's advice (admonition?) to use at least 100 watts of power to drive the Silks, I have been shopping around for something with the power and the features I am looking for in an integrated.  Although I like the Wells Majestic; and the McIntosh 5200, the Bryston B 135 has a lot of what I want.  Also despite the cliches and streotype of years ago, I don't find Bryston products that I have been able to hear hard or bright.  In fact the new BCD 3 CD player is very natural and  analogue sounding.  It is a beautiful thing even if it doesn't support SACDs.  So, as soon as possible I am going to try out the 135 watt integrated, but I won't be able to pair it anywhere with the Silks, that's for sure.  Does anyone hear use the Silks with this amp, or other Bryston products?

What I am looking for is a totally non-fatiguing, natural sound that draws you in, not drives you (me) away with overly aggressive noise.