Bent Mirco-Tap Modular Preamp

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Bent Mirco-Tap Modular Preamp
« on: 14 Nov 2017, 01:27 pm »
I will post some of my photos tonight. For now here is a snippet from the manual.

Works great. Has remote volume, on-off, balance. Single ended only.

You connect the modules via fiber optic cables. The power is only for the display and the control of the volume when activated. So it is passive except for the volume circuit when activated.


The MicroTAP is a single input resistor based passive pre-amp system for high end audio applications. MicroTAP Two Channel Resistor based passive Pre-amp The MicroTAP is a resistor based passive pre-amp done right. With all resistor based passive pre-amps the output cable from pre-amp to the amplifier input must be kept short for best performance. The MicroTAP with it's 'Bent Unit' architecture takes this fact to it's logical conclusion - with an extremely short integral output lead to your amplifiers input jack. It makes a great low cost remote controlled passive pre-amp for single input systems. MicroTAP Features: 61 1dB Level Steps from mute then -60db all the way up to unity gain Remote Control of Level, Balance, Mute, and Display Front Panel Control of Level up and Level Down 100% passive signal path Short Integral cable to amp input - eliminates one pair of interconnects Second output on rca jack for local sub or bi-amp applications Custom Remote Control Handset Display Dark setting for HT or dark listening Trim up and Trim down function on Bent Units Expansion Ports to allow for multichannel expansion MicroTAP Performance: 'Teflon like' Arlon PCB Material used for Signal Path Circuit Boards Extreme quality relays rated for billions of operations OCC Copper internal wiring Modular Design for minimum internal wiring keeping the signal path very clean Bent Units connect via fiber optic cables - NO chance of ground loops Entire Control System enters sleep mode after each command - NO clock noise MicroTAP Endurance A Minimum of Mechanical Parts - Maintenance free operation All switching via sealed relays rated for billions of operations Fiber Optic Expansion ports - easily add unlimited additional channels MicroTAP Pre-amp Specifications Bandwidth: Below 10 Hz to over 100 Khz ( +/- 1db) Channel to Channel Matching: Closer than +/-.15db THD: < 0.002% 61 Level Steps Step Size: 1db Maximum Input Level: > 10V rms Maximu.
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Re: Bent Mirco-Tap Modular Preamp
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