D4 Interconnect Cables: 1 Meter, RCA Plugs, From Trade-In. 1 Pair Left!

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I have 2 pairs 1 pair of D4 RCA IC cables, 1 meter length available from a trade-in. The customer said he installed them and never touched them again until he reconfigured his system. They are around 2.5 years old and use the Mundorf silver/gold RCA plugs, and have a single layer cotton jacket. The newest D4s use WBT 0102 Ag and 2 layers of cotton jacket.

Price is $600/pair or $1100 for both pairs, price is firm. New D4s are $1175 so this is a GREAT DEAL, I'd love to get rid of them quickly!  :green:  $575 for the last pair!

The D4s are extremely resolving and neutral yet have a very realistic tone, they are a true reference-level cable that are often preferred over cables costing multiples of their price.

My same 30 day satisfaction guarantee applies to these cables, you won't be left with something you don't love. If you don't love them send them back, no problem.

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