Does your system actually make a piano recording sound like a piano?

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Bösendorfer VC7.  An Austrian maker that also has been making pianos for 175 years..  While in Germany years ago, it was about as close to the sound of a piano as I have ever heard.


Can you name/list what you consider a good piano recording....this question goes for other members as well.

Here are a few:
Pictures at an Exhibition/Ginastera: Piano Sonata No. 1, Op. 22. Hyperion Knight, Wilson Records.
Iberia. Albeniz. Play Classics Truthful Master Series. Luis Grane, piano
Beethoven Piano Sonatas 8-11. Ronald Brautigam, BIS records. Period type piano.

None of these are "conventional" recordings, for various reasons.


Thanks S Clark,
That David Fung album is one of the better recordings I have heard. Sounds crazy real & dynamic.

I do not think most audiophiles have ever heard what is on that recording. Most systems can't do dynamics like that and stay true to realistic tone / timber. 

As good as the big Maggie's are (and I am a huge fan of what they do very well), they can't hit you in the gut with the dynamics that are on that album. Even with 1000 watt monos.

Wind Chaser

Magneplanars have always been dynamically challenged, that is one of the bigger reasons why many people eventually move on after the novelty of a panel wears off.


I like having that punched in the gut feeling. 8)