IDA-8 ($995) features and spec

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Re: IDA-8 ($995) features and spec
« Reply #480 on: 22 May 2017, 04:12 pm »
Thanks for the linux answer Jason and Jye,  great to hear that.

Jason, how about the toslink issue?  Have there been more signal issues with Apple equipments or is this more or less not an issue anymore?  Any success stories even if the official (and understandable) answer is "we can't assure good results"?

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Re: IDA-8 ($995) features and spec
« Reply #481 on: 28 May 2017, 12:02 am »
we haven't heard complain about Apple's optical output to IDA-8 for more than 6 months, but that doesn't mean it won't happen.
The last time (about a year ago) when someone had this problem, he solved it by using an optical to coaxial converter. Basically if the optical signal is too noisy, IDA-8 can't sync with it (something like that, I don't know the technical details).


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Re: IDA-8 ($995) features and spec
« Reply #482 on: 9 Jun 2017, 09:56 pm »
After reading The Absolute Sound review and as much as I could find online about the IDA-8, I bought it without an audition.  I had been set on a Music Hall a15.3 to go with my KEF Q300's and Project Carbon DC, but after burning in the IDA-8 and speakers together, I will not likely buy another amp again.  The sound is so good it reminds me of my first system (Pioneer tube amp, Avid 103's and Techics table -- OK, I am an old-timer -- I was in my 20's when I got that system in 1972).  Great new technology and the analog preamp is just the ticket even with the subsequent digitizing it sounds better than the other Class D digital amps I have heard.  The NuPrime IDA-8 is highly recommended by this dinosaur.


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Re: IDA-8 ($995) features and spec
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