Review Demo Sale! Oppo Sonica and Oppo UDP-205 - ONE EACH ONLY!!!

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For sale, two reviewer demo Oppo units:

One Oppo Sonica DAC with tube mods: $2535 - shipped ($3380 retail).

One Oppo UDP-205 4K player with tube mods: $2910 - shipped ($3880 retail).

One of each only, first come first serve!

Call now!


Dan Wright


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I now own both of these units for my 2 systems and this deal is a bargain. They sound absolutely fantastic.



I wonder who the reviewers were who had these units?  To my ears and priorities, the Modwright Oppo 205 is a huge cut above the Modwright 105.  Better sonics, far more flexibility as a DAC, and even as a "machine" it seems more elegant.  Considering the excellent reviews the 105 received, the 205 should do at least as well in that regard.
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Dan, please look for my email re the 205!   :D

Bill C.   


Just replied I believe.