Wedgie Revisited

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Re: Wedgie Revisited
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Peter is right. The v-groove bit has no bearing and will cut any radius right down to the point. A 45 chamfer has a 1/2" bearing
so a 1/4" radius is the smallest it can follow. The bit I have will cut up to a 1" thick piece. You could do a thicker baffle using both a V-groove
 and a Chamfer bit. You could use the V-groove bit to make the inner baffle and a template at the same time and then use the template
and a 45 chamfer to cut the outer baffle piece and laminate them together. Hard but could yield fantastic results.

It would be interesting to hear from Danny if there was any difference between the test baffle and the flat pack for the Wedgies.
While the flat pack was definitely done with a v-groove bit, the test baffle looks like it was done with a 45 chamfer bit which
make cutting the waveguide extremely easy.


Re: Wedgie Revisited
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I used a 3/8 straight but when I made the original boards.   And a circle hug from Madisound.