, a Two-channel Audio System by bacobits1

System Overview
I like to keep things simple. ALWAYS!
Music Preferences
I like most everything except Rap and Opera.
Room Description
12'X 14' all mine!
Acoustic Treatment
MG Room Tunes 4 GIK 244 panels on front wall 2 more on back wall
Listening Impressions
System is very transparent and dynamic. After treatment of the room superb! Vinyl never sounded so good. Now Digital never sounded so good
Other Comments
Herbie's stuff under everything.
Digital Source
Cambridge CXC Transport, Schiit Yggdrasil Multibit DAC, WyWires Litespeed spdif, Lifatec Optical cable, Supra USB, HP Envy, Win 10 , i7, 12 GB ram, JRiver 21
Analog Source
Clear Audio Emotion CMB, Carbon Satify Tonearm, Phoenix Falcon Power Supply AT33PGT II, AT OC9ML MKII, Ortofon x5MC
Vista Audio Phono 2
Power Amp
Rogue Cronus Magnum II KT120
Usher CP6371
Speaker Cable
Wywires Silver SC WE16GA, WE14GA Dueland 16ga SC,
Wywires Siver series IC's Dueland 20ga interconnects Berson Cable Plus Pro on Vista Phono using the WyWires Silver Litespeed SPDIF Belden 8402 Mogami 2549
Power Cables
WyWires Juice I & ll
Power Cond
BrickWall Line Filter AUD15
Tuning and Tweaks
50# Granite, and a 27# 3" Maple Butcher block, various Herbie's offerings MG Room Tunes throughout, GIK 244 panels, Maestro AC outlets.