The merry-go-round headphone system, a Headphone/Desktop System by JohnR

Raspberry Pi 2 and HifiBerry music streamer
System Overview
The only thing has remained stable in my headphone setup over the last couple of years is the Hifiman HE-560s. I sold all my other headphones, and then bought some more, then sold them, then tried others in the store... I still have the HE-560's as my only headphone. I'll try to keep this updated with the rest of the gear. NOTE: system pic above is outdated (already)... see below for gear specifics.
Music Preferences
Anything good.
Listening Impressions
This setup is perfect for classical, and more generally acoustic music or music with "space"... if you know what I mean. It's not a hard rock setup. I think this is mostly to do with the amp. I find myself revisiting albums of that ilk in my collection and also on Tidal.
Digital Source
The DAC and source is also an ever-evolving story. Right now, a mashup from with a Magnequest output transformer, driven from a dedicated Mac mini (all SSD) via LH Labs 2G USB cable, software is Audirvana+ 2 and the A+ remote.
Power Amp
Schiit Mjolnir 2 with 5670 tubes. I don't find this amp to be "particularly" neutral but what it does well, it does fantastically well. (See also listening impressions above.)
Hifiman HE-560. Still by far the best in that price bracket, as far as I have ever found anyway.
Tuning and Tweaks
Balanced cables from wjernst (ebay). LH Labs "2G" USB cable.