I listened to a megabuck turntable... SHOOTOUT! *Part 3 - updated*

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  • Versalex and Audio Note for the rest
It would be nice to have access to lots of high end gear for home dems before purchases Simon but the reality is that its logistically impossible as you will know. I've yet to meet a dealer who will recommend something they don't sell over something they do to direct to worthy alternatives and  ultimately MY ears make the buying decisions as it were so I will have to narrow considerations down to just a few.

I have a buyer for my Versalex and it would seem like the obvious next component to look at with it being a £4k deck in a £150k at retail system. But my 21g AN IO Gold cartridge is currently singing sweetly in it so nothing spoiling until I can compare against a 400/ Kronos or whatever else seems worthy and accessible. If the 400 builds on the Versalex/Amadeus strengths whilst adding weight and authority it will be a hard act to follow IMO.

By the way I would liken the move to valves from transistors as the move from LP12 to WT. I play more albums/genres because of the less processed sound with just a small percentage not as thrilling as before........


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That is precisely what the 400 does. Bill has managed not to make an entirely different sounding deck but to build on his previous strengths. High mass decks usually differ considerably from the lighter options but the 400 builds on the sence of air and flow whilst adding considerable authority. John Bonham and JPJ have never sounded so 'heavy', as when I had the 400 home, not even with my Naim 500 system and a tricked up LP12. By comparison the Versalex sounds a tad soft and slow, I kid you not. A straight a+b and I'm gutted tbh. The perils of working with this stuff. Nothing I can do gets the Versalex anywhere near the 400 and I have tried. Removing feet, using Still Points, myrtle wood blocks, Sorbothene spheres and various bases, all change the sound to some degree but none add that bottom end the 400 does so effortlessly. Once heard never forgotten. Bugger.

I agree totally with your last point, my experience precisely.


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