What speakers did you replace?

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Re: What speakers did you replace?
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Well, thanks to Jim and his crew my walnut Song 3 Speakers will be here Tuesday! Yahoo! I will report on them ASAP but I know they will be awesome. In the long ago I started in this music listening hobby with AR 5s, then AR 3as, along with Dynaco A 25s. I had a brief dalliance with Bose 901s in those days. Along the way I had for a long time some Maggie’s (MG 1), then some kit built small speakers which I still have. I also have some refurbed Ohm 2.2000s in the tv room. There have also been some Paradigms along the way (7se and minimonitors). I’ve spread these out over the family. My plan is for the Song3 to be my last Speakers! I’m 70! Ha!