NuPrime IDA-16

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Re: NuPrime IDA-16
« Reply #60 on: 2 Jun 2017, 08:36 pm »

That would sound great, but then I'm leaving the 'all-in-one-box' design.


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Re: NuPrime IDA-16
« Reply #62 on: 3 Jun 2017, 12:02 pm »
A dedicated!

It works really well thanks to your IDA-8. It might work with an IDA-16.

Last year, my espresso maker/grinder took up a lot of room in the bed of my Tacoma, but they are in Taiwan now, so there's more room!

Bring that grinder back, and get the Feima grinder here in Taiwan.  It's just as good as the original they copied. 


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Re: NuPrime IDA-16
« Reply #63 on: 3 Jun 2017, 06:45 pm »
Ao good to hear you are enjoying your new purchase that much and rediscovering the pleasure of just listening to music.

The same has been my experience and it is just nice.....

thank you for your continuous updates.

damguz, you are so right, as you said I am "rediscovering the pleasure of just listening to music". I'm nearing two months of living with my IDA-16 and I continue to be completely satisfied with it. It has continued to get Better and better as the weeks go by.

I'm very glad to hear how much you enjoy your IDA-8. And again, you are right, the IDA-8 (and IDA-16) are beautiful pieces of hardware.