ultraRendu vs microRendu - First impression

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ultraRendu vs microRendu - First impression
« on: 26 Sep 2017, 10:13 pm »
I have been very pleased with my microRendu, so I decided to pony up the dough for the ultra.  My micro is about a version 2.3 - I am not sure.  It has not been sent back for any updates or changes but I have installed an update I purchased from Sonore for $20 a while back.  I have to add that this is a bad time for this comparison.  I am in the middle of an "amp-off" between my Shindo Montille 6V6 and a First Watt J-2 going to a pair of Spatial Audio M3 Triode Masters, so my base of reference is shifting hourly.  But immediately it was obvious that the ultraRendu sounded better - that comment based on the improved clarity of everything.  That alone makes this a keeper.  I'll try to post any comments as they occur.


Re: ultraRendu vs microRendu - First impression
« Reply #1 on: 8 Oct 2017, 06:54 pm »
I'm surprised there isn't more posted about the differences between the microRendu & ultraRendu.

glynnw, after a couple of more weeks, what specifically has improved? Hopefully your reference point has stabilized and you're able to enjoy the music!



Re: ultraRendu vs microRendu - First impression
« Reply #2 on: 8 Oct 2017, 07:10 pm »
I was able to A/B the microRendu V1.3 against the ultraRendu.  Then I sent my microRendu 1.3 in for the upgrade to 1.4 status - all the while I had the ultraRendu on loan.  Then I had a brief audition of the ultra vs the new upgraded microRendu - but with only about 10 hrs on the new microRendu.

To my ears the ultraRendu was a clear step up from the original microRendu.  Made the micro sound white-washed and tizzy in comparison.  More "meat on the bones" of instruments, as well as better more solid instrumental delineation, and an expanded soundstage.  Better everything.

The version 1.4 microRendu (same board as original microRendu, but with the same clock as the ultra) definitely occupies a middle ground between the original micro and the ultra.  It had a lot more meat on the bones and not tizzy anymore.  But, instruments were a bit "hard" sounding in comparison and not as natural.  The soundstage also wasn't quite as extended.  Ultra is just that bit more relaxed and natural sounding in comparison, but the 1.4 does get much closer to the mark.

I ultimately wanted that extra refinement with the ultra, and cut someone a very good deal for my 1.4 micro to help finance the jump to ultra.


Re: ultraRendu vs microRendu - First impression
« Reply #3 on: 10 Oct 2017, 04:20 pm »
For what it's worth, the Sonore folks at RMAF stated that the 2.5 software / 1.4 board update to the microRendu provides 99% of the ultraRendu's sound quality when using their solid USB connector.  The ultraRendu appears extremely popular, so I especially appreciated such refreshing frankness.


Re: ultraRendu vs microRendu - First impression
« Reply #4 on: 10 Oct 2017, 04:37 pm »
Well I had both the Sonore hard adapter as well as the Uptone one in-house during my auditions. And while I agree the 1.4 gets much closer to the Ultra performance, to me the remaining gap is quite a bit more than 1%. Unless perhaps you’re talking of percents in absolute terms. If you’re comparing on the spectrum of the shittiest digital playback quality to the Ultra’s performance, then I might be able to agree the 1.4 gets you 99% if the way to the Ultra, but even then it would depend on your ears and priorities whether that was 1% or more like 5% to you.

But relative to the gap between the 1.3 version of micro and the Ultra, i’d put the 1.4 version at about 75% to the Ultra’s performance.