Black Gates & KT-5500 Mod

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Black Gates & KT-5500 Mod
« on: 15 Oct 2017, 08:01 pm »
Noob here to the Forum & site,... Please go easy.  :D

I secured a KA-5700 w/ matching KT-5500, both in excellent condition.  I recapped the 5700 amp using a BOM off the AK site.  It performs very well to my ears and there was no magic smoke let out, so I am pleased with the results.  The KT-5500 has been recapped by me (for the most part), using the following site:

I wanted to upgrade the 0.1uF 35V blue, Kenwood stock tantalums to what Jim had originally indicated, but alas the Black Gates are no more,...except for the 2.2uF 50V for sale on the Sonic Craft site.  Would the 2.2uF 50V caps provide enough sonically to be a pleasing listen?  The Nichicon Muse / KT Gold Series from Mouser are much, much cheaper.  I understand that this tuner is considered as a 'toy' and priced </= $50.  The recapping was a fun project and I'd like to get the most out of the tuner.  Any thoughts?

Thanks for reading my post.   


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Re: Black Gates & KT-5500 Mod
« Reply #1 on: 17 Oct 2017, 01:07 am »
I had seen, and responded to, your email well before I notice this post.  I think I have answered all your question?

Without a schematic, I can not tell you much.  I can say that the C series BG, you are looking at, is an improvement over tant caps.  Further, you are altering the value, so it should make some kind of difference.  But again, without a schematic... :dunno:  As for how you will find it... :dunno:

The KT is not so good IMO.  The KZ is much better, and at least has solid copper leads.  They will be a bit bright.