VPI Scout tweaks

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VPI Scout tweaks
« on: 13 Nov 2017, 11:14 pm »
Basic question: What would you recommend for improving the stock feet of a VPI Scout or Scout Jr. with a maple block platform?

I currently have the stock point feet (metal bearing tipped Delrin cones with thick felt washers between feet and plinth), with scraps of thin grungebuster material between the feet tips and the maple platform. I feel like I could improve upon this significantly, but my budget is far more limited than my imagination.

So what approach might be best? Put puckies beneath the stock feet? Replace the thick felt washer with thick grungebuster washers? Ditch the stock feet entirely in favor of Big Tall Tenderfeet? If ditching the stock feet, would placing some damped heavy disc between plinth and smaller Tenderfeet provide worthwhile benefit (kind of like the edenSound TerraCone footer approach)? My Scout Jr lacks the steel damping plate, so I'm wondering if I could see extra benefit from some extra strategic plinth damping and mass loading.

I've had good success with thick grungebuster dots as platform and motor feet, as well as for strategic damping of the motor pod housing with thin grungebuster material (I got about a 5db reduction in motor noise just from damping the motor pod), and I feel I can still do more. Any thoughts?