Triode Wire Labs @ Capital Audio Fest 2017 Feedback

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Triode Pete

Some feedback & pics...

From Stereophile's Art Dudley...

"In the Volti Audio/BorderPatrol/Triode Wire Labs room, I was entertained by a system built around the Volti Rival loudspeakers ($7900/pair and up, depending on finish), the demonstration pair of which so impressed an opening-day customer that he bought them on the spot.

Also in the system were BorderPatrol's DAC SE D/A processor ($1350), used in tandem with a CD transport whose name I didn't catch, and P21EXD power amplifier ($13,500), which uses two 300B triodes per channel in push-pull for 20Wpc. All cabling was by Triode Wire Labs, including their Spirit analog interconnects ($349/1m pair) and Spirit 75 S/PDIF digital cable.

This system charmed me with Madeleine Peyroux's "J'ai deux amours," her voice full-bodied and present, the double bass and twin acoustic guitars put across with very good tone and touch. And when a showgoer brought in his copy of Skip, Hop & Wobble by Jerry Douglas, Edgar Meyer, and the great flatpicker Russ Barenberg (the latter from the '70s band Country Cooking, which also gave the world Tony Trischka and Pete Wernick), and we listened to the fiddle tune "The Big Sciota," I was bowled over by the system's great sense of drive. A darned good way to end my Friday."

Thanks, Art!



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Re: Triode Wire Labs @ Capital Audio Fest 2017 Feedback
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Would enjoy hearing this setup sometime.
Those who do seem to. Congrats Pete.

ps HS&W is one of my favorite albums. Met Barenberg once and told him those people who don't play have no idea
    how hard his progressions are cause he makes it look so easy.


Re: Triode Wire Labs @ Capital Audio Fest 2017 Feedback
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 :thumb: :thumb:
Sounded great Pete! Thanks for the hospitality.

Sandy and I enjoyed the show.

Don P.

Triode Pete

Re: Triode Wire Labs @ Capital Audio Fest 2017 Feedback
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Some feedback from the Frederick Room, where my cable loom was featured as well...

Another "Best in Show" (beating out the $1million room!!!)


"Best of Show: GT Audio Works

I’m feeling a tad impatient today, so I’m flipping the standard script and kicking things off with my favorite find at CAF 2017. Mind you, the word “best” is loaded with subjectivism and caveats, especially when it comes to sound. But for my money, GT Audio Works and its magnificent GTA3R Planar/Ribbon Speakers ($12,000/pair), which were matched with Sound Insight’s dual SI 600 Open Baffle Subwoofers ($17,000), graciously slid into home for the win.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing GT Audio Works’ Greg Takes for several years, first meeting him as he demoed his GTA2.5 speakers at CAF several moons ago. Take one look into the man’s eyes and you can see both audio passion and total sincerity. And take one listen to his handmade large-panel creations, and you’ll be left stunned with amazement.

Takesh’s six-foot tall GTA3R utilizes a full range planar driver (72-in x 10-in) and an accompanying ribbon tweeter (72-in x ½-in) to deliver playback from 40Hz – 30kHz with amazing efficiency (92 dB). And when paired with dual Sound Insight SI 600 open baffle subwoofers (six 12” drivers each, performance to 16Hz), the system’s articulate punch and depth is downright ridiculous.

This entire system (speakers and subs) can be purchased for $29K, making it a relative bargain when compared to its high-end competition. By my math, the speakers' supporting cast of Pass Labs pre-amps and monoblocks (not to mention Triode Wire Labs power cords, cables, and interconnects, an Esoteric K01x SACD player, an Acoustic Signature Triple X Turntable, and a Vu Jade Audio tubed DAC ) pushed the room’s total system value just south of $200K. But I wouldn’t be surprised to find that more budget oriented buyers could purchase the GTA3Rs separately and usher wickedly beautiful sound into their homes for significantly less.

The GTA3R is built to order, which means the speaker’s wood and finish are all customizable. Considering that it essentially looks like a wood framed cloth panel (high quality craftsmanship, mind you), the speaker is somewhat unremarkable in its appearance. But its sound (oh that AMAZING sound) is what you’re paying for. And let me tell you, they sound stunningly beautiful, presenting a massive and highly detailed soundstage that’s punctuated by serious depth.

And clarity? It’s all there, folks.

Clarity, balance, and natural tonality.

This speaker is, bar none, the best speaker you’ve never heard, and I challenge anyone to find another $12,000 speaker that can touch its class.

Bold words? Yes.

But my ears have fallen in love with GT Audio Work’s creations and this year’s showing at CAF was simply spectacular. Do yourself a favor: visit Greg Takesh (or his Long Island, NY dealer: Sound Insight High End Audio) for a private demo. And if you live outside the New York area, read his website’s offer for guests that need to fly to his location (it takes the notion of rolling out the red carpet to an entirely new level)."


Triode Pete

Re: Triode Wire Labs @ Capital Audio Fest 2017 Feedback
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Some additional feedback from Dagogo's Richard Austen on the Best Sounding Rooms at Capital AudioFest...

"Volti Audio Revival Horn Speakers/Border Patrol/CEC/Triode Wire Labs. Big bold open sound and a whole lot of toe tapping. The speakers are gorgeous and reasonably priced at $7900 in basic finish. CEC’s belt drive transport wasn’t even mentioned but this company is still going and are reasonably priced. Again CD sounded better in this room than from other sources. There is a degree of wetness and transparency here than stands with any other room even in a less than ideal set-up."
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Re: Triode Wire Labs @ Capital Audio Fest 2017 Feedback
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Feedback from Enjoy The Music's Greg Weaver...

"I'd seen photos of the Sound Insight SI 600 open baffle subs ($12,000/pr.), as long-time audio pal, Rich Hollis, of Hollis Audio Labs, had shared the building and assembly of his set. But this was my first listen to this astonishing sub. Pairing the GT Audio Works GRA3R planar/ribbons ($17,000) with the SI 600's, yielded a highly pleasing result in the Frederick Room.

Using an Esoteric K-01x SACD player ($20,000), the Pass Labs XS linestage ($38,000), XS phono stage ($45,000), and XA 60.8 monos, all connected with Triode Wire Labs cables, this system really got into the music. Bass impact was exceptional, mids were fast and clean, while upper frequency extension was airy and full of sparkle and detail. Though lacking slightly in harmonic bloom and instrumental body, this system was articulate, with remarkable transparency and resolution."