What's the best MQA streamer?

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What's the best MQA streamer?
« on: 19 Mar 2017, 03:40 pm »
Mods please feel free to move if I've placed in the wrong section.

Cost no object, what do you think is the best commercially available MQA streamer?  Ideally it would be Roon-compatible. 

I already have a Roon/MQA DAC, so that's not an issue.

I say "cost no object" but <5k is really where I'm looking.

Thx in advance!


Re: What's the best MQA streamer?
« Reply #1 on: 19 Mar 2017, 05:07 pm »
I'm not sure the streamer needs to be "MQA" since your DAC does that decoding.  Imho, the Aurender line is fantastic for ease of use, build and sound quality.  I have the N10 and it does everything I need, including on board internal storage (4TB)