Open Aire Aktiv build thread

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Re: Open Aire Aktiv build thread
« Reply #100 on: 12 Oct 2017, 10:36 pm »
OK so the green are Mundorf resistors. No good? Also I was told that shunt resistors are not critical. I have them in Mills and can change.  There are some silver coated copper as well as some good copper (I forget if it was OHNO but something reasonably good like that.

I agree with the connectors as I have said it allows me to quickly remove/install to make changes to the XO. I could just eliminate them and solder directly.

Still the Mills is the higher quality resistor, and the shunt resistors are still in the path just like the shunt inductor.

Silver coated Copper causes an audible phase shift in the upper frequency range that is pretty easy to hear in some cases. I tend to avoid it.

Also if you can minimize any break in the wire as it goes from binding posts to components to drivers, then that will help too.

And I understand the connectors allowing you to easily swap parts. Nothing wrong with that. But when you finalize it all then I'd rewire it all with good wire and no connectors.