New Muse for the music -

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New Muse for the music -
« on: 10 Jul 2016, 02:52 pm »
So where to begin ? A few years back Laura, the esteemed vinyl_lady, was most gracious in inviting me over for a meet & visit while I was visiting friends in Spokane. This was my first experience with Daedalus speakers. Her system was/is stunning, and has had several changes/improvements since I was last able to visit. I can only imagine what it sounds like now, and hope to get a visit in yet this year. So Thank You Laura for introducing me to Lou's speakers.

As with many here I operate on a rather limited budget, and being self-employed for 35+ years I appreciate what's involved in the endeavor of running a small business. I choose to buy 'local' when possible, to AC at least , and in this case to WA state. So when Lou announced his overall sale last fall to introduce his DiDs, it cracked the door open to take a more serious look at his offerings. A friend lives not too far from his shop, and has very similar tastes in music & gear. So I scheduled a visit to my friend's, and we scheduled a listening session with Lou. While he had planned to let us select & listen to whatever we wished off his computer, including tracks we both brought on memory sticks, while he went back to work in the shop, we ended up listening & talking speakers/music for around 3 hours. Now his listening area at the shop is definitely not what would be considered ideal, and this actually aided in my decision as my listening room is far from ideal as well. I felt if his speakers could sound as good as they did in that situation, they should be able to deal with my meager issues rather easily. And they have.

It was an extended build time frame to help with the finances, which worked well for all involved. The Muse have been in the system for about a month now, and are a delight every time I switch on the system. As much as I like and enjoyed my STs, these speakers take the whole system to a different level. Which is not unexpected given the cost and basic target of the speakers. I guess by definition my being here on AC makes me an audiophile (phool), though I think I'm more an enthusiast. I'm not as such a tinkerer, which is not to say after being away from the hobby for close to 15 years, only listening to music as background, I haven't tweaked a few things since re-assembling an actual system late in '07 for sitting down & listening to music. The first week they were in the system I spent 2-3 hours every evening re-listening to my library. As I noted to Lou he's made it difficult to make progress reading anything as I often simply want to close my eyes and let the experience surround me. As others have noted I expect as they get more time on them things will improve on what is already a stunning presentation. I have a friend who is a true audiophile, with hearing far superior to mine (10 years younger ears don't hurt), and has been a speaker/crossover builder earlier in his professional work life. He has listened to my system as it has developed over the last 9 years, and while he enjoyed it, it wasn't really engaging for him. On his first visit with the Muse set up it was almost literally a jaw-dropping moment. He looked at me, and said "where did you hear about these speakers again ? " A little surprising he'd not run across Daedalus before as he's a native, with lots of long term contacts in the local stereo community. Anyway, they sounded amazing to me from the first note, and given my friend's impressions I know it's not just me.

So that's the story, and I can only recommend that if you have the opportunity to hear a Daedalus speaker, treat yourself to the experience. It will be worth your time. Thanks Lou for the TLC that went into creation of my beauties, and if you're in the neighborhood stop by for drink and some tunes. You know where I am.


PS  Unlike many/most of the folks on AC who post nice pictures of their HT room, or lovely living room/den which is uncluttered and ready for Better Homes & Gardens, these pics show the general disarray that exists in my world. And they really don't do Lou's work justice I'm afraid.



Re: New Muse for the music -
« Reply #1 on: 10 Jul 2016, 08:33 pm »
Nice JD! Congratulations on acquiring the Muse. I know what you mean by rediscovering your music library with a pair of Lou's speakers in the system. I'm honored to have played a small role in this part of your music journey, :D Like you, I consider myself more of a music enthusiast than an audiophile. Next time I am in the SeaTac area I'll let you know and maybe I can stop by and listen.

Let me know the next time you are on the eastside and we'll break bread and listen to some tunes. :thumb:


Re: New Muse for the music -
« Reply #2 on: 14 Jul 2016, 10:47 am »
Beautiful speaks JD, nice write up.

ENJOY  :thumb:


Re: New Muse for the music -
« Reply #3 on: 14 Jul 2016, 11:56 am »


I think I know how great these sound since I've gotten to hear Aldcol's Pans a few times and they sound delicious. The Muse play lower, don't they?

Enjoy yourself!



Re: New Muse for the music -
« Reply #4 on: 14 Jul 2016, 06:32 pm »
Lou definitely takes a unique approach with his speakers, and more and more I think it's maybe the best approach.  He always gets highly musical and engaging sound.  Not many designers can do that.

Kenneth Patchen

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Re: New Muse for the music -
« Reply #5 on: 14 Jul 2016, 08:07 pm »
Wow! Ok, now I'm big time jealous. What beauties! If they sound half as good as they look I'm guessing you've come to the end of your audio speaker search. Congrats and enjoy!


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Re: New Muse for the music -
« Reply #6 on: 14 Jul 2016, 10:45 pm »
Laura - Your welcome any time you are in the neighborhood, just give me a heads-up so I can pick up the worst of the usual mess. I'm past due to head east for a few days, so will let you know when I get things together to do so.

Hey Marty - Thanks buddy, hope you & Mrs 'o' are able to get out this way again before too long. As you can see there have been several changes since your last visit. Always a cold one on hand with your name on it.

Thanks Michael. Yes I believe you are correct, the added cabinet does allow them to go somewhat lower than the Pans. And you can rest assured I am enjoying them. Thought about the Pans, but was looking more for a floor stander. Didn't have the spikes when the pics were taken and didn't want to simply set them on the floor, so dug out some old short stands, which are actually working quite well. Puts the tweets at ear level.

Tyson - appreciate the thoughts. I think they speak well to Lou's efforts, and those here who 'know' you know you don't make comments lightly.

Thanks KP. Yes, from a speaker standpoint I'm done searching. And they sound at least as good as they look too. Sonically they simply disappear leaving only the music.