Basic Crossover & Capacitor Questions?

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Re: Basic Crossover & Capacitor Questions?
« Reply #20 on: 15 Apr 2016, 03:44 pm »
Got it, well that is a huge help having a second pair of crossovers setup for the rebuild no doubt. Yeah I would just suggest build them the right way off the bat, and simply wait to get all the funding together then.

Due to at least AR used point to point back in the day not on a tiny PC board with computer parts you should be able to move things around on there it looks like to get away with this pretty easily even if you have to stack a couple caps or something.

By the way I was not advocating you need Bi-wire at all, that won't really help you in this case, I was just illustrating the issues you could run into if deciding to try and do this internally of the speaker was all. But due to the type of boards you have I think now you might be okay. Only other thing is the capacitance values on some of those caps will cost a fortune no matter what you do  :duh:

That is if you plan to try and use any more advanced film caps. Again you did not really give an absolute budget so your going to have difficulty getting much more help on that end.

Even with reasonable priced parts, beyond something very bottom end like Solen which you mentioned earlier, I think your looking at anywhere from 100 to 150 per speaker, for the pair $200 to $300 total. If you really like what these speakers already do than it should be worth it as they really are probably not much different from much more expensive speakers made today accept the advances in crossover parts. You would likely be happy with them. However, if your tryin to do this on a $50 dollar budget using as many 2 dollar caps, and 50 cent resistors as possible, I am not so sure you will be able to really justify the sound vs. cost in this case.

Good luck
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Re: Basic Crossover & Capacitor Questions?
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Its a good idea export the xovers to outboard, it do less ring.
I would solder the drivers wiring direct in the xover board,
for no connectors expense and less connections.


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Re: Basic Crossover & Capacitor Questions?
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Once I set a task for myself, I usually push myself to see it through.  So, I'll have to step back, and buy a little at a time.  It's not like I don't have other speakers.  The 90s aren't even my primary speakers.  I just want to get them up and running again; it's been too long since I last played them.