NuPrime Reference Evolution - a breakthrough product with 1M Ohm input impedance

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Might we be looking at a new preamp possibly to compliment this series?  Life is too short not to have a great preamp.

I know.  There are some alleged great preamps out there.  But, NuPrime's purpose keeps my radar bleeping.


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Would love to see a comparison between the REF EVO and MolaMola Kaluga.

Please do not compare Ref Evolution with Hypex NC500 etc.  That's the job of STA-9, STA-6. Or ST-10.
Come on guys, we designed this amp to compete with the best amps in the world, at any freaking price. Bring it on :).

Sorry I went overboard a bit. I have a simple explanation why NuPrime is able to innovate while Hypex and other volume production amp companies don't do (I didn't say they can't)

NuPrime designs amps for its own consumption. Our chief engineer is free to innovate and if the new design costs more, then it goes into a newer model at higher price.
On the other hand, a volume production amp company has to keep its cost low (most of these amp modules are sold way below the retail parts price that you can buy online, at 1000 or 5000 units quantity, it is really really low :)). Sure they can innovate, but that's not their business model. They use large OEM factories to make these boards at low cost, and you just can't make 100 to 200 pieces at a time.

It is like buying a burger from McDonald, even if it is their top of the line Angus beef burger, it is still mass produced, not the same as what you can get from a fine restaurant.


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Would love to see a comparison between the REF EVO and MolaMola Kaluga.
Or even better comparing the REF EVO with some of the top cost no object amps i.e. Accuphase, Audionet, Constellation, Soulution, etc. since that's their stated target. Guess we've got to wait until they're actually released before any such comparisons can be made!